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Turf Grass Lawns of Hawaii

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About Us

Aloha, and welcome to Turf Grass Lawns of Hawaii. A family owned turf company where home and business owners are provided with top quality grass and decades of expertise. Located in the valley of Mililani on Oahu, Hawaii; our sods are guaranteed to be fully rooted for better handling and always priced competitively. We deliver and are able to install all our products with our licence contractors. Contact us for a free consultation today! Whether you're a landscaper looking for the best supplier, or a home owner looking to raise the market value of your property, look no further than Island Turf. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your lawn. The beautiful, low maintenance and affordable lawn you've always wanted is here at Turf Grass Lawns of Hawaii!

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Developed Root System

Our sods are grown to maturity with a fully developed root system. This allows for easier handling of our grass sods and for faster bonding to soil.

Safe for Children and Pets

Our sods are grown with organic compost and is always safe for children and pets.

Grown on Plastic

Our turf grass are grown on plastic sheeting so ensure minimal root damage when harvesting our sods and to minimize the transfer of red dirt.

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94-840 Lanikuhana Ave
Mililani, HI 96789


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